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5 Ways Running Exercise

5 Ways Running Keeps Your Both Body and Soul Healthy

Numerous studies have already confirmed that regular and consistent running can keep your body healthy, but would you believe that it can keep your soul alive and energized, too? Of course, it's hard to...
Handmade Cosmetics

Why Handmade Cosmetics are Becoming the Rage in India

The history of cosmetics is probably as old as mankind. Men and women have used different ingredients in an attempt to beautify themselves as far back as the cave man. The motivation behind it...
Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons Disease and Significant Treatment Options

It is a fact that Parkinson's disease is a common neuro degenerative disorder, which affects people in a specific area of the brain. It is sometimes hidden and difficult to diagnose because symptoms develop...
Common Food Allergies

7 Most Common Food Allergies You Need To Know

This article discusses the common food allergies that individuals are susceptible to and how one can consider avoiding or treating them. Allergies have become so common that studies show that 25-30% of the population of...
IVF Failure

What To Do Next In Case of An IVF Failure

IVF comes across as a lifesaver for patients with low motility, damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, lower sperm count, genetic disorders, infertility, etc. But as nothing in this world is perfect or Foolproof, same...
Tips To Lose Weight

Most Basic Tips To Lose Weight

While there are so many ways to lose weight, most basic ideas involve eating healthy and working out regularly. Well, that’s obvious! Isn’t it? Often, we tend to ignore some simple, regular and easy...
Healthy Hair Foods

8 Amazing Foods You Should Eat Daily for Healthy Hair

Hair fall, truly an annoying problem that can occur to anyone and if left untreated, then the consequences can be severe. If you are noticing more hair in your brush, your comb, and on...