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Fruit Juice: Health Benefits Top Selling Fruit Juice

The use of fruit juices in nutrition has been open to debate for quite a few reasons. Most fruits, when simply converted into a juice, lose their fiber and become a glass of flavored water that is high in sugar. However, there are some benefits to fruit juices as long as they are consumed in moderation.

Fruit Juice Health Benefits

Alo Drink

This drink is available in different flavors and contains aloe, pineapple, guava and sea buckthorn berry juices. The sea buckthorn berry juice contains omega -3s, -6s, -7s and -9s. This drink aids in digestion, helps regulate inflammation, and can help maintain skin and bone health. One serving of this juice contains 70 calories.

Pitaya Plus Super Juice

The juice contains lemon, coconut, and pitaya, with each serving coming up to 70 calories. Pitaya is flushed with antioxidants and this juice can provide up to twenty-five percent of a day’s fiber.


This juice is a blend of berry juices which makes it rich in Vitamin C. The main ingredient is the Camu Camu berry which is high in Vitamin C and provides for a huge portion of the daily intake of Vitamin C that helps boost immunity. Each bottle contains 20 calories.

Mamma Chia

This drink contains chia seeds which are a great source of protein and provide almost a quarter of the daily recommended intake of protein. The juice contains about 120 calories and comes in different flavors like Blackberry Hibiscus and Grapefruit Ginger.

V-8 V Fusion Sparkling

These come in cans packed into four packs, mostly. The drinks contain 60 calories per can and have a variety of flavors like Tangerine Raspberry. It contains a blend of natural fruit and vegetable juices that are light but also tasty.

Goodbelly Probiotics

This is a juice-based pro-biotic drink that helps in better digestion. It is dairy and soy-free and comes in a number of flavors like mango, strawberry, lemon-ginger, coconut, and so on. It is a good drink to have in case of an upset stomach. Each serving carries about 50 calories.

Pre Probiotic Enhancer

This juice comes in a variety of flavors like Passion Orange, Blueberry, Pomegranate and Acai Cherry. It aids in the digestion process and is good for the gut bacteria. A single serving of this juice contains about 50- 60 calories.

Teas’tea Unsweetened

Unsweetened tea is good because the lack of added sugar reduces calories count. Plus, this drink is simply flavored unsweetened green tea which makes it rich in antioxidants that are contributed by the green tea. It has various tasty flavors like lemongrass and rose.


This refreshing drink is a perfect blend of fermented tender coconut juice and probiotics. It is gluten-free, making it easier for those who have an allergy. It is known to have benefits like low sugar cravings, high energy, and good digestion when it is consumed.

Taste Nirvana All Natural Real Coconut Water With Pulp

Each bottle carries about 75 calories and is refreshing like fresh coconut water. The drink contains a rich amount of potassium and other minerals making it very good for health.

Fruit juices are far better than a can of soda any day. For added benefits, choose juices from fruit drinks exporters that have pulps in them. This gives them a delectable texture and also contributes to your daily requirements of fiber. Juices with zero added sugars should be preferred to those with added sugars. Read the label to identify the calories and ingredients to know if it contains an allergen and also to help you watch your weight.

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