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Why You Should Use Herbal Shampoo for Hair Growth

Herbal shampoos are simple cosmetic products that contain a lot of natural chemicals, obtained from herbs, and are often recommended by Ayurvedic doctors. They are quite useful in removing dandruff, repairing dry hair, curing frizziness, and so on.

Causes Less Irritation

Herbal shampoos are quite useful in many ways just like non-herbal shampoos are, excluding the side-effects that often come with artificial chemicals. Most natural ingredients tend to rarely cause any kind of allergic reactions when compared to the artificially manufactured chemicals that are used in non-herbal shampoos.

They Have Many Functions

Herbal shampoos have a lot of functions like moisturizing the scalp and making the hair shinier and smoother. They are also adept at preventing the bleeding of hair color, promoting hair growth, conditioning the hair thoroughly, and also medicating the scalp and hair if necessary.

The Ingredients Are Quite Safe

Herbal shampoos are free from added surfactants and contain only natural ingredients. For this reason, they may not form fam like normal shampoos but that does not affect their effectiveness. This also makes them environmentally safe. Moreover, they do not contain petroleum products and other harsh chemicals for which animal testing are required before it is sold in the market.

They Are Hassle-Free To Use

Herbal shampoos are easily washable from the scalp and the hair and do not leave any residue behind which could cause irritation to the scalp or forehead and the eyes.

They Are Pleasant Smelling

They are very fragrant and therefore, appealing to the users. Most of them do not have added fragrance since the ingredients themselves have very appealing natural scents.

They Are Very Effective

Herbal shampoos are just as good as soap-based products in removing dirt and debris from the hair and scalp. They also have the added benefit of not causing any irritation to the scalp.

They Have A Good Shelf-Life

Herbal shampoos are very easy to preserve and sometimes they can also be easily made at home with the right ingredients and recipe. Also, the ingredients are easily available, making them cost-effective as well.

They Are Not As Harmful As Other Shampoos

Herbal shampoos and conditioners make wet combing easier on the hair by not drying out the hair, unlike shampoos that contain artificial chemicals that are known to have this effect on the hair. Moreover, they make hair smoother and soft, makes it less liable to break down.

Similarly, herbal conditioners are also very good for the hair. They are made from natural ingredients that have conditioning properties. For example, jojoba oil and shea butter are quite common products that have this property and are naturally available.

Many herbal shampoo manufacturers in India use Ayurvedic recipes to make their shampoos and conditioners and are often recommended by Ayurvedic doctors to treat various scalp and hair problems. Herbal conditioners, just like the shampoos, can be made at home using products like vinegar and rosemary. Vinegar gives a great shine to the hair while rosemary provides a wonderful fragrance.

Natural ingredients like Amla, Neem, and lemon are often used in such products and yield satisfying results. The uses of avocado and olive oil are also good for maintaining the natural gloss and shine of the hair as well as moisturizing the scalp.

Herbal shampoos sold in markets are often tested for factors like foam stability, oral toxicity, soaping action, etc. before they are released for sale to the public. These are determined using tests such as the Ross-Miles foam column test for foam stability and the Draves-Clarkson test for wetting action.

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